Monday, May 26, 2014

It’s All in Arminius: Mormonism as a Form of Hyper-Arminianism

Back in the Summer of 2005, I made a presentation at the Sunstone Symposium (an LDS conference that tends to appeal to philosophically-minded or liberally-minded Latter-day Saints) entitled "It’s All in Arminius: Mormonism as a Form of Hyper-Arminianism."  The presentation compares Mormonism, Arminianism, and Calvinism, and concludes that the most basic divide puts Calvinism on one side and Mormonism and Arminianism together on the other side.  The presentation (both in written form and in audio form) can be found here.  This LDS website put the presentation up a few years ago, and now I'm finally getting it put up myself.  :-)

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