Thursday, September 13, 2012

"My Religious Freedom is Being Repressed!"

The article linked to below well illustrates why the cry, "My religious freedom is being repressed!", is not a good plea to defend one's religion having an influence on public laws and policies. Religious freedom means that you cannot impose your religious beliefs/values in public laws and policies. If you want to engage in such imposition, you are an enemy, not a friend, of religious freedom. So all this talk of religious freedom being oppressed because religion is kept out of "the public square" (in other words, because religion is not allowed to influence laws and policies) is nonsense. Keeping religion out of laws and policies is not the repression of religious freedom; it is religious freedom.

Of course, this means that secularism is a violation of religious freedom as well, since it is the imposition of Agnosticism in public laws and policies. In fact, the only way to avoid violating religious freedom is to disband the nation, since neutrality in law is impossible. Therefore, we should all recognize that we are all actually fighting against religious freedom and stop talking about it. Instead, we should be talking about what the true beliefs and values are that should be imposed in law. The modern language of "religious freedom" is a nonsensical dead-end.

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