Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why Christianity Is True

I would like to announce the publication of my book, Why Christianity is True.  Here is the description:

"In this book, Mark Hausam attempts to lay out a systematic case for the Christian worldview. After mounting an attack on the agnostic assumptions so prevalent in modern western culture which tell us that it is hopeless to try to find out what is objectively true in ultimate matters, Hausam lays out a thorough argument for the existence of God, followed by a demonstration of how the fact that God exists leads logically to the truth of the Christian worldview and the conclusion that the Christian Bible is the Word of God, and finally concludes with a look at various objections that are often raised against the Christian worldview and, more importantly, at the basic methodology one ought to adopt in dealing with such objections."

The book is available for free download here.

It is available for purchase here or here.

I would like this blog to be the focal point for discussions of the book, as well as for discussions having to do with the truth of Christianity in general.  So if you have comments, questions, arguments, criticisms, etc., regarding anything in the book or regarding Christianity in general, I invite you to post them here or send me your thoughts at mhausam@hotmail.com and I will post them here (with your permission) along with a response.

Let's have some dialogue!

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